Andreas Neuber, Ph.D.

Dr. Andreas Neuber is Head of Technology for Sub-fab Products at Applied Materials. In this role he conducts benchmarking studies for semiconductor fab cost and consumption, and performs environmental engineering and consulting for 300mm and 200mm fabs. Dr Neuber has authored more than 60 publications related to sustainable design and energy savings, water management and recycling, materials for chemical distribution systems, and related topics. He holds a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the Dresden University of Technology and is a member of several industry committees including IRDS, SEMI F98 and SEMI E167/E175.

Leading Chipmakers Aim to Make New Fabs More Sustainable

In this blog, I look at ways Applied Materials is working with leading customers who wish to sustainably increase production to meet the world’s growing need for semiconductors. About half of the opportunity lies in the sub-fab, the often-overlooked world of support equipment below the production floor that consumes around half of the energy needed by modern fabs.