Newer Ways to Shrink

The industry will continue to use EUV lithography and materials engineering to push logic density scaling to the limit. In recent years, DTCO techniques have supplemented classic 2D scaling, and today, these “newer ways to shrink” contribute about half of the industry’s progress.

Applied Materials Earns Intel’s 2022 EPIC Outstanding Supplier Award with Supplier Diversity Distinction

The Intel EPIC Outstanding Supplier Award recognizes the highest level of achievement in the Intel global supply chain and is an ongoing realization of continuous improvement within the high-performing Intel supplier ecosystem. In 2022, only six suppliers across the Intel supply chain earned an Intel Outstanding Supplier Award, making them truly the best of the best.

WFE Intensity Step-up: 3D NAND Case Study

We’ve received great feedback on our “Battle of Exponentials” framework, which examines the market impacts we’ve observed since around 2015 as data generation continued to expand at an exponential rate while classic Moore’s Law scaling slowed. In this blog post we focus on the step-up in NAND equipment capital intensity that occurred during the transition from 2D to 3D NAND architectures.